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I am in Madeira again for WAG and CQWW Phone!

Look for CQ3L in both contests:   SPOTS CQ3L      SPOTS CT9/DF7ZS

If you like to see more about the station, contest activities, klick those links!

You want to see somthing about my second great hobby - photographic art (?) - klick on one of those links.

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.... best regards and 73 de Helmut


DF7ZS Number #1 Results :

LX7I @ CQ WW RTTY 2014 claims Europe #1 (World #2) M/2!

CQ3L@ CQ WPX SSB 2014 is World #1 SOAB (Assisted) !

LX7I@ CQ WPX RTTY 2014 is World #1 Multi/2 !

LX7I@ WAEDC RTTY 2013 is EU#1 SO/AB !

DA0HQ @ IARU HF World Championship 2013 is #1 World Champion again!

CQ3L@ WAG 2013 is World #1 SO/AB and new DX record!

LX7I @ CQ WPX RTTY 2013 is World #1 Multi/2 thanks to the Team!

P40Z @ CQ WPX SSB 2013 is World #1 SOAB (Assisted)

P41P @ CQ WPX SSB 2012 is World #1 SOAB (Assisted) and new World Record

CQ3L @ CQ WPX SSB 2010 is World #1 SOAB (Assisted) and a new World Record

CS9L @ CQ WPX SSB 2009 is World #1 SOAB (Assisted) and a new Afrika Record.

CT9L @ CQ WPX SSB 2008 is World #1 SOAB (TB/Wire) and my second World Record.

PJ2T @ CQ WPX SSB 2005 is World #1 Multi/2 and my first World Record.

LX8M @ CQ WPX RTTY 2005 is World #1 Multi/2 and new Europe Record.

Editorial: Entschuldigen Sie bitte das ich ein aktiver Funkamateur bin!


(C) DF7ZS 2014